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Marine Travel Visit to Aetas Village

On Wednesday 17th of January as part of our monthly meeting/activity we visited the Aetas village and orphanages in Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines. We distributed blankets, floor mats, food items, toiletries for the families. The children were given sweets, a few school supplies and vanity items for girls.

The Pampanga`s first known residents, are the nomadic Aetas, locally known as Baluga or Negritos. This refers to a small, dark-skinned and kinky-haired people with big round eyes who occupy the forest area of Mt. Pinatubo, the highest mountain of Zambales range. They are considered an important ethnic group, they are highly sophisticated in relation to their environment.

Marine Travel Manila, were glad to be able to get involved in a humanitarian effort through the help and assistance of Clark Jets Rugby Sports coach Aiden and one of its star players Joe Mari. The first orphanage we went to is the satellite center of Tuloy Foundation, they are helping the poor, abused, orphaned and abandoned children, the same place where Joe Mari was as an orphan.

Next stop, Duyan Ni Maria Children`s Home, a shelter for abandoned, maltreated and neglected children. We donated toys for group activities such as basketball, soccer ball, volley ball, tennis sets and others, rice and most of the staff also gave their pre-owned clothes for children and teens.

A playground will soon be set up and will be sponsored by Marine Travel through the kindness of our Managing Director, Dave Thompson.