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Marine Travel

Janice a marine travel consultant in our Manila office recently flew on Cebu Pacific from Manila to Sydney, below is her experience.

Security at the airport is very strict. My bags were checked upon entering the airport, as I checked in and my hand baggage was checked again at the gate. The baggage allowances are strictly observed by the airline staff for both checked and cabin baggage.

I had purchased a light ticket, which was very reasonable but did not include entertainment, a meal or free checked baggage. Meals and checked baggage could be added at time of booking, check-in and food could also be bought on board. The flight was full in both directions and the seats were comfortable although slightly on the small size.  The cabin crew were all friendly and approachable and the flight itself was smooth, especially the touch downs.

Sydney airport was easy to navigate and you can easily locate your boarding gate I had no problems being a first time traveller to Sydney.