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Sailors’ Society

Marine Travel is proud to support Sailors’ Society, as for more than 200 years this global maritime charity has been transforming the lives of seafarers and their families.  Sailors‘ Society works to provide practical, emotional and spiritual welfare support 24/7 to today’s 1.9 million seafarers, supporting wellbeing across every area of their lives and giving them the best opportunity to enjoy a fulfilling – and productive – career at sea.

Since 2006 we have raised in excess of £18,000 towards Sailors’ Society global work with seafarers and their families.


Sailors’ Society offers 24/7 support to seafarers and their families. Their global support team speak a variety of languages and is available around the clock to all seafarers and their loved ones whenever and wherever they need us, whether miles out to sea, in a busy port or at home. This vital support comes from our virtual chaplaincy, 24/7 helpline, acclaimed Crisis Response Network, grant and the ground-breaking Peer-to-Peer support programme that has groups for all seafarers and others for female seafarers, cadets, families, captains, pilots and those affected by the conflict in Ukraine.

Sailors’ Society is also a leading light in the fight against poor mental health at sea. Their pioneering Wellness at Sea programme, helps seafarers to maintain their health and wellbeing on board. This includes a free mental health and wellbeing for shipping companies and support services, training and resources for seafarers, like the ground-breaking MyWellness App that puts seafarer wellbeing firmly in their own hands.

Why should you care?

Almost 90 per cent of everything we own or use comes to us by sea. Seafarers keep our shops and cupboards stocked, transporting everything from food and fuel to medicine. But seafaring brings with it a unique set of challenges – from the isolation and loneliness caused by leaving loved ones for months or years at a time, to the pressures of shift work, and the daily challenges of violent storms and the threat of piracy. More recently they have faced missiles in the Red and Black Seas. Seafarers did not sign up to be shot at. Sailors’ Society is there to help them navigate the joys and stresses of life at sea, helping them manage their wellbeing and mental health so they can live their best lives at sea.

How can you help?

There are so many ways for you and your business to lend your support. You could sponsor a Sailors’ Society project or do as we have and select them as your nominated charity. If you have time to give, you could volunteer as a ship visitor or get involved in a fundraising event.

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