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Marine Travel

Our core values

Our core values were created by our team; a set of beliefs embedded within Marine Travel that act as an unchanging guide. With a purpose to get everyone on board.

Integrity – We have a strong moral compass, acting always in line with our core values. We honour our commitments and take ownership of issues.

Service – We are committed to going the extra mile to offer a totally bespoke and flexible service to meet our customers’ needs. We always deliver our promises.

Collaboration – We work closely with our customers to understand their requirements fully. We have established a
global presence through our strategic partnerships, enabling us to better meet our customer’s needs. We build a strong team around the customers to ensure a smooth journey.

Loyalty – We invest heavily in our relationships, internally and externally. As a result, we support each other
and we are all committed to seeing the company grow and develop. Our customers trust us to steer them in the right direction.

Knowledge – We are specialists in marine travel. We strive constantly to build our knowledge of our customers’
needs, and the ebb and flow of the marketplace, to continuously improve our service.

Accountability – We look out for challenges and take responsibility for resolving them. We are proactive in taking ownership of issues. Our customers trust us to get their people on board.  See it – own it- solve it – do it.

Mission statement

‘To provide a high quality service tailored to the individual needs of our customers at a cost effective price’

Getting everyone on-board