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Marine travel alliance

mta7 is a Global Marine Travel Alliance and a collaboration of leading independent marine travel experts in their own market place.  mta7 has been created by a group of highly service minded marine travel companies, who by forming a new alliance truly believe they can bring to the market a level of quality of service not provided by any other alliance.

Between us we have over 140 marine and 70 offshore fare contracts, making us more competitive.

With like minded partners in:

Greece                                                           Hong Kong                                                    Japan

The  Netherlands                                      The Philippines                                           Singapore

UK                                                                    Ukraine                                                           USA

For further details please view or download the MTA7_Brochure



Focus Travel Partnership

We are members of Focus, a group of over 63 leading independent business travel agents with a combined turnover of over half a billion pounds. Working together with suppliers to improve their collective buying power.

Working with over 60 airlines and with access to over 10 million airfare combinations this partnership enables us to obtain some of the best air fares available in the marketplace.

Through this partnership we are able to offer competitive fares for non-marine travel whether this is for meetings or exhibitions and all other corporate travel.